don’t go out with me. i will take you to eat unhealthy grilled food. i will encourage you to smoke. we will stay up till 1 am

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Hey everyone! Just dropping by to give you all well wishes. It’s so hot outside! My cheeks are still a little rosy from the heat… resting with air-con on now. I hope you’re having the BEST last few days of summer. What will you be doing? Enjoy the sunshine, shopping, beach? Anyway, have fun and catch you lovelies later.

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*plays patty cake with ariana grande*

personality test: what drinks do you serve your guests?


juice: childish

soda: you are sweet

beer: you are cool

wine: you are old

tea: you are classical

coffee: you love coffee!

*throws a dodgeball at ur laptop*

we are like dolls. we try to have good posture. we try to speak politely. we try to smile when you tell a joke. we have to walk behind you. this is the life of… a small potato girl

vacationing! see u in a few days ♡