I got interrogated… Nerve-racking ordeal


This happened not too long ago, so I am still a bit shaken up as I write this. I was almost in deep trouble with a security officer due to my carelessness. The situation didn’t escalate though… he was merciful and let me go with a warning. Still, it was a lesson learned.

What happened was: I was about to meet my friend and two of her friends for dinner (both of whom I’ve never met before) in a restaurant downtown. I drove myself since I was going alone and meeting all of them at the restaurant. I parked in a paid underground lot that I had searched for beforehand on Google Maps. Everything was going as planned so far.

After parking my car and locking it, I made my way to the stairway to get out of the underground lot and onto the street. There was a strong gust of air (probably from all those ventilation fans) right when I stepped out of the parking lot stairway and it messed up my hair, so I wanted to look for a restroom mirror to fix it before I showed up at the restaurant. First impressions matter.

Since the underground lot I parked in was next to a large shopping mall, I attempted to go inside and use the restroom even though it had just closed for the night. However, the lights were still on and I could spot some people moving inside. I tried to open the door, and to my delight, it wasn’t locked and the restroom wasn’t too far away.

It wasn’t long after I stepped into the mall when I was startled by a man in a security uniform walking towards me. I held onto my Saint Laurent clutch tightly as he stepped closer in a confrontational manner, typical of men in his line of work. He stopped before getting too close for comfort (thank god… the situation would’ve gotten much worse), and said to me:

"Can I help you ma’am?"

So many thoughts were racing in my mind in those few seconds. I thought I was going to get arrested. Standing there ready to get handcuffed, I was so scared. I tried to keep my composure, but I lost a bit of balance on my Givenchy heels and my ankle twitched and wobbled. Yet, I regained control and stood with my best posture—one foot in front of the other—despite the dreadful situation.

"I just wanted to use the restroom." I said in a fearful voice.

"Well, the mall’s closed." he replied monotonously.

"Oh… okay." I said, unsure of what was going to happen to me.

He looked back at me blankly with tired eyes, and I recognized this as my queue to leave—to escape. He’s letting me go this time. I was lucky. Maybe I reminded him of the daughter he never had.

When I was free to go, I headed to the restaurant in a daze, stunned by what happened. Needless to say, I did not make a good first impression when I got inside the restaurant. The first words my friend said when she saw me was that I looked as if I’ve seen a ghost.

I guess the lesson here is don’t go into a mall or building when it’s closed, even if the lights are still on and the doors are unlocked. You could be breaking the law. Or worse yet, something could’ve happened to me… Be smart and stay safe, everyone.

Roses are red, violets are blue. I love my mom, and so should you :)


my friend: hey what do you think of him? *shows me a pic of her friend*

me: do his arm pit got a smell?

my friend: no la

me: i want a smell =)

my friend: omg you are crazy!!!

ghost love to hide in public washrooms. be careful

oh just ignore me. my blog is small potatoes. it’s not that importance.

What would you do in my situation? A misunderstanding…


Hello readers… I want to ask you what would you have done if you were in my situation? This happened in January but I am still thinking about it. First off, it was early in the evening and two friends and I decided to go on a little dinner date (girl’s night). My friend came to pick me up and I was delighted to see her. In the back seat was my other friend, whom we’ll call “B”. Let’s call my friend that’s driving “A”. Anyway, they saved the front seat for me because they said I’m the youngest and most precious so I deserved to be in the front. Joking, probably. But it was a sweet thing to say and we all laughed. Actually, though, I believe friend B sat in the back to allow me to get in the car without having to “pull down the chair” (it was a 2 doors Porsche, with rear seats that don’t offer much leg room). Anyway, regardless, they seem to be looking out for me and that is very heartwarming. I must add that it rained earlier in the day so it was a bit wet outside (as was the side of the car), but since I sat in the front, I easily slipped into the car without getting my clothes or shoes wet. Very considerate of them. As for myself, knowing that the rear seats do not offer much leg room, I adjusted my seat forward to give my friend more space at the back. She’s shorter than me, so perhaps that is another reason why they arranged me to sit in the front.

By now we are driving and heading to the restaurant. As usual the traffic here is crazy, and I am so impressed that my friend can drive so skillfully and also TALK to us at the same time. I cannot do so. When I’m driving, I have to put all my concentration on the road and can only chat with the passenger if I’m driving straight on an empty road. That’s just me. “A”, my friend who’s driving, is older than me a few years and I admire her.

Anyway, when we arrived roughly around the vicinity of our destination, we looked for a parking spot on the street. All three of us were scoping around for a spot and when I saw one, I said “there’s a spot!” and pointed at its direction. Since there were parked cars in front and behind the empty spot, we had to parallel park. If you know anything about me, it’s that I’m terrible at parallel parking. My friend who’s driving is a lot better than me, but still, I helped her by being her extra set of eyes. I looked over my shoulder and out the passenger window with alert eyes. My heart was racing as I anticipated traffic coming towards us. However, my friend, with a few turns of the steering wheel, slipped into the parking spot with relative ease. Friend “B” in the back clapped her hands and said “let’s go.” I was so relieved.

When we got out of the car and gathered at the sidewalk, we heard a man say to us:

"Uh, you might want to park closer if you don’t want to get your car towed."

"What?" I thought in my head. Standing near us were two men smoking pompously in front of an establishment where I presumed they worked at.

I opened my eyes really wide and looked at them, but my body was not facing them. Only my eyes were looking at their direction. I turned my eyes away and looked at my friend who drove the car. In a nonchalant manner, she said to me “who cares” and we all ignored them and began to walk to the restaurant with friend B in the lead. In my Saint Laurent high heeled ankle boots, I walked alongside friend “A” with my arm linked around her’s for balance while stepping on the uneven street. Together we walked proudly and elegantly, leaving the two guys standing there speechless and dumbfounded. I held the collar of my long Burberry coat closed with my other hand as a cold breeze blew gently in our direction. In my mind I thought that they must be looking at us with hungry eyes. Needless to say, we kept our composure and walked away from this incident. That was our final blow to those rude guys. I remember the last moment I saw them (before I turned away), the guy who spoke made a gesture with two open palms facing us, as if to say “I don’t want any trouble” or “you win.”

When we got inside the restaurant, we were greeted with warm and welcoming staff that brought us to our table. Friend “B” chose this restaurant and it was quite nice. Around our seating area, it was very dark aside from the glow of candles and the hanging overhead light illuminating our table. We did not eat that much, but we ordered a lot of wine and drinks and chatted for a long time. I noticed friend “A” had a new Hermès Birkin bag ever since I got in her car, but I did not mention it until this moment. She lifted it up and showed us, and friend B and I both agreed that it suits her very well.

As my friends were talking, I couldn’t help but think back at the incident that occurred earlier. Were we really parked too far from the curb? I was sitting there holding my glass, looking a bit worried. Moreover, I wondered if those two guys thought we couldn’t speak English because we didn’t respond to them—a common stereotype put onto people of Chinese descent in this city regardless of our background. To be honest, it was very jarring to have two men suddenly shout at us. What were we supposed to say?

After the dinner, we headed back to our car. “What if my car really got towed? my friend said jokingly. “I hope not.” I replied. To our relief, it wasn’t.

In retrospect, I think the guy may not have meant any disrespect, but just wanted to give us a head’s up… but there was something about his tone of voice that I could not stand. Also, I understand that it wasn’t he nor his friend who wanted our car to get towed, but he saw that my friend parked a bit far from the curb and just wanted to warn us that it might get towed. However, there were larger SUVs that stick out that much too. It’s not like the cars in the other lane will crash into our parked car. Do you think we handled this situation well? Would you have handled it differently? Let me know.

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couples quarrel


boyfriend: hey baby i have to cancel our date tomorrow something came up

girlfriend: oh i’m just small potatoes. i’m not that importance.

boyfriend: -_-

movie cannot show what book can tell, but movie more fun to watch